ES1869F + ES689F Wavetable

I have no idea who actually manufactured this card, but this is a good one. The ESS AudioDrive chipsets are well known to be very nice and low hassle Sound Blaster Pro 2 clones. This particular one has a built in wavetable chip, which is a bit harder to find. The AudioDrives typically just have the main ES18## chip along with a wavetable header.

The wavetable is handled by two chips: The ES689F is a 32 voice MIDI synthesize and the ES981 is a 1 MB ROM chip.


Installation is easy. All you need is a copy of the ESSCFG.EXE and ESSVOL.EXE utilities. ESSCFG is used to initialize the card and ESSVOL is used to adjust the mixer settings. Nothing stays loaded in RAM after ESSCFG runs.

User Guide for ESSCFG.EXE and ESSVOL.EXE

One caveat that I found was that you need to make sure to use a version of ESSCFG that is compatible with the 1869F. I originally tried to use a copy that I had used for my 1868F card (V4.3). The digitial audio and MIDI would initialize, but the FM would not. I ended up downloading this driver pack from Vogons and using the one that specifically said it worked with 1869 cards (V5.2).


Game: Song Mode Recording
Doom: E1M1 FM doom_e1m1_fm.mp3
Doom: E1M1 GM doom_e1m1_gm.mp3
Doom: E1M2 FM doom_e1m2_fm.mp3
Doom: E1M2 GM doom_e1m2_gm.mp3
Duke Nukem 3D: E1M1 FM duke3d_e1m1_fm.mp3
Duke Nukem 3D: E1M1 GM duke3d_e1m1_gm.mp3
Dune: Palace FM dune_palace_fm.mp3
Heretic: E1M1 FM heretic_e1m1_fm.mp3
Heretic: E1M1 GM heretic_e1m1_gm.mp3
LSL6: Heath Spa FM lsl6_health_spa_fm.mp3
LSL6: Heath Spa GM lsl6_health_spa_gm.mp3
Secret of Monkey Island: Theme FM monkey1_intro_fm.mp3
Monkey Island 2: Intro FM monkey2_intro_fm.mp3
Tyrian: Level 1 FM tyrian_l1_fm.mp3
Tyrian: Level 1 GM tyrian_l1_gm.mp3
Ultima 6: Intro FM ultima6_fm.mp3
Wolfenstein 3D: E1M1 FM wolf3d_e1m1_fm.mp3