Ensoniq Soundscape S-2000

This card comes in a few different configurations: With or without a CD-ROM interface or 1 MB vs. 2 MB patch set. My card is an S2000 without the CD-ROM controller and the 2 MB patch set. You can tell the size of the patch set by looking at the ROM chip ("MX " chip on the left side of the board). It will say 1M or 2M.

Most of the information about the Soundscape Opus applies here.

I only made three changes to my existing driver installation to swap the Opus for an S2000.


Setting OPUS S-2000
WavePort 338 534
OttoPort 2180 2000
CodeFile Not specified sndscape.co0


The improvements to the patch set on the "real" Soundscape cards vs. the Opus are no joke. Doom and Heretic in particular sound much better here.

My card has an issue where the right channel is noticeably quieter than the left one. Ensoniq's mixer program does not have a balance setting. I usually run the S-2000's output trough my Pro AudioSpectrum and correct it in the PAS mixer.

When I did the recordings, I let Audicity normalize both channels independently. There are issues with this for very quiet tracks like Doom E1M2, the right channel is so low that Audicity is normalizing noise.