Logitech Soundman Wave

There are already a couple of good writeups about the Soundman Wave. I am not going to spend a lot of time on this, other than to say I think that people are a bit too hard on this card.

It does have a couple of quirks:

It does several things right however:


Game: Song Mode Recording
Doom: E1M1 FM doom_e1m1_fm.mp3
Doom: E1M1 GM doom_e1m1_gm.mp3
Doom: E1M2 FM doom_e1m2_fm.mp3
Doom: E1M2 GM doom_e1m2_gm.mp3
Duke Nukem 3D: E1M1 FM duke3d_e1m1_fm.mp3
Duke Nukem 3D: E1M1 GM duke3d_e1m1_gm.mp3
Dune: Palace FM dune_palace_fm.mp3
Freddy Pharkas: Theme FM fpfp_intro_fm.mp3
Freddy Pharkas: Theme GM fpfp_intro_gm.mp3
Heretic: E1M1 FM heretic_e1m1_fm.mp3
Heretic: E1M1 GM heretic_e1m1_gm.mp3
LSL6: Heath Spa FM lsl6_health_spa_fm.mp3
LSL6: Heath Spa GM lsl6_health_spa_gm.mp3
Secret of Monkey Island: Theme FM monkey1_intro_fm.mp3
Monkey Island 2: Intro FM monkey2_intro_fm.mp3
Tyrian: Level 1 FM tyrian_l1_fm.mp3
Tyrian: Level 1 GM tyrian_l1_gm.mp3
Ultima 6: Intro FM ultima6_fm.mp3
Wolfenstein 3D: E1M1 FM wolf3d_e1m1_fm.mp3